GC, NW, BW Velvetkist Designer Genes

CFA Cat of the Year 2016/2017

GC, NW Velvetkist BlueMeAway of LuvTale

8th Best Kitten Nationally 2018/2019

Best Kitten Southern Region 2018/2019

Velvetkist Persians

Occasionally, we have kittens available for both pet homes and show/breeder homes. We also may have young adults available to loving homes.


Bicolor and Calico Persians

Inquiries are welcome velvetkist@yahoo.com

GC, BWR, NW Velvetkist Lights On Bright


National Winners

GC, GP, NW Velvetkist Pack'n Heat of Krimpurrs, aka "Frankie" is a cream/white persian. Frankie was CFA's 2nd Best Kitten in 2010/2011 and CFA's Premier of the Year 2014/2015.


Welcome to Velvetkist Persians. We are a small cattery in Maryland. Our persians are hand raised in home with daily personal care. We breed to the top persian standard and show all over the country. Velvetkist is a CFA registered cattery with numerous award winning cats and I am a member of the CFA Persian Breed Council. 

For more information, please email me at velvetkist@yahoo.com​

GC, NW Velvetkist Don't Touch My Tutu

​2nd Best Kitten Nationally 2017/2018

Best LH Kitten in Show


CFA International 2017, Portland, OR